Green Door Learning, LLC


Intake and Consultation

All new clients undergo and intake and consultation to determine goals, session duration and frequency, and if further testing or other therapies are recommended. Sessions take place at the West LA office OR at the client's home.



Sessions involving reading goals can center around phonological awareness, phonological processing, word ID and word attack skills, automaticity, and reading fluency.


Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension comes into play when a student has adequate word attack skills and is ready for instruction regarding breaking down a text (narrative or expository), and the skills and techniques involved.


Written Expression

Both narrative and expository writing are addressed as part of personalized instruction. Lessons usually begin at the sentence level and then progress on to paragraph, story, essay and paper writing. The whole writing process from brainstorming to publishing is discussed and practiced.



College Consulting

Advising school lists, helping organize and streamline the application process, and write the essays and supplements.



Executive Functioning and Organization

This is often folded in with other goal areas, such as reading and writing, but can be addressed independently. Students are given personalized goals and strategies to fit their age, grade and lifestyle.



Yes, there is always spell check. But, wouldn't you like to be a better speller? Spelling instruction can be a benefit to reading fluency, reading comprehension and writing.